GrowingPeopleGreat is dedicated to helping you grow your people great. We help you measure, manage, motivate and lead your individuals, teams and leaders; creating an increase in engagement and productivity.

TACT – This is how we Grow Your People Great…

Talent Management - Hiring Right

We have a selection of assessment tools to help you identify and select the right talent for your organisation


Our assessment bouquet helps you from selection through to hiring, onboarding and development of your staff and leaders.

Coaching & Consulting

Our team of business and life coaches are there for you when you need that “little” nudge in the right direction.


With over 30 years training experience and a team of trainers we have your training needs covered.


“I would highly recommend the PXT assessments as they have proved invaluable in the recruitment of top calibre individuals for our company. Strengths and weaknesses are highlighted in a user friendly format which has enabled us to identify the best fit, both in personality and ability, for a number of positions. We are now successfully placing round pegs in round holes.”

Mary Scogings

Human Resources Manager, Caltex Eastern Cape Marketer

“As I mentioned in our last session, I have noticed the difference in my work bubble, since we ‘ve had our individual and group training sessions. In just a few sessions, I have noticed the change in communication, productivity and support for one another. Thank you for introducing Telmar to Emotional Intelligence, as it was very much needed and so relative to our work and personal lives (especially during this difficult time). Not forgetting the ‘Self Awareness’ session – we all need a reboot sometimes and a tweak here and there to become the best version of ourselves!”

Rani Chudoory

Senior Associate Client Success,

“… The session yesterday was extremely insightful and helpful. I am slowly winning and wanted to thank you.…I am definitely practicing what came out of sessions, also allowing some space for the team members….Honestly the sessions have increased my momentum again to full capacity. So thank you very much from my side.”

Rajesh Govan

Service Delivery Manager - Manufacturing, adapt IT

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