The Business Headquarters (bizHQ) is a business and executive coaching company that focuses on assisting business owners and executive management reach their full potential.

One of the first tools we use with our new clients is a Profile XT report to provide a benchmark against which the coaching programme can be tailored, monitored and measured. We also use Profile XT to assist clients in hiring the right person with the right profile for the right job.

Profiles International provides a seamless service by sending online links for our clients to complete their questionnaires. Once complete, our reports are delivered immediately, allowing us to provide impressive turnaround times to our clients.

We would recommend Profiles International as a professional, reliable and responsive service provider.

Sandra Mason

Operations Director, Biz HQ

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all, as a team, for your support and encouragement in my journey as a new business owner. I am privileged to be associated with such an incredible team who have been catalysts for my own personal growth and the growth of my business.

Your ongoing quest to find the best analytical tools and “people development” material is to be commended. I am so excited about the products on offer and can’t wait to sell my first Genos assessments before buying into another one of the products.

Thank you!

Sue St Ledger

Organisational Development Consultant

“I will never hire another person again without Chrystal making a full assessment of the position and the person. What a difference! This is a vital process that ensures that the employee fits the position and the company. Our employees are happier and stay longer. I wish I had found this 10 years ago! Thank you Chrystal, for changing the way I hire.

Melanie Gard (WSI)

Internet Marketing Consultant, SEO Expert. Social Media Speaker

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