Succession and workplace planning are not (or at least, should not be) the function of HR alone. Leadership – from the CEO to frontline managers – should have a high level of input in the selection of successors.

These days, succession planning cannot be only about filling organizational needs – especially not when it comes to talent managementThe emphasis now must be on allowing men and women in the workforce to balance career and personal aspirations.

Thus, organisations must also learn how to balance their employees with organisational goals, and tailor moves to meet the needs of their employees.

Instead of focusing on single, specific jobs to fill in succession planning, organisations should look for groups of roles in which a variety of successors can be identified. 

Since succession planning should be concerned with both long and short term replacement, each succeeding talent pool should be larger than the last, which means organisations should be constantly looking for and recruiting new talent.

As succession and workplace planning are internal matters, it is important to retain the high-potential, high-performing employees an organisation already has, while continuing to recruit others to keep the talent pool deep.

Talent management consultants help organisations develop strategic workforce plans that not only identify the talent necessary to fill these roles, but also create succession plans that will grow that talent to become future leaders.


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