Fun in the workplace can significantly improve retention, happiness, talent quality, and even productivity.

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” But, before companies like Google began the new trend of promoting fun in the workplace, the words “fun” and “work” didn’t fit in the same sentence together.

Today, the younger generations present a new set of challenges for employers, and organisations have been forced to find new, innovative ways to attract and retain them as employees.

Promoting a fun work environment is quickly becoming one of the most widely-implemented recruiting and retention strategies in many of the world’s most successful organisations, and there’s a good reason.

How important is a fun work environment?

Results from a PGI survey show that 88 percent of Millennials want a fun and social workplace environment. The Millennial Generation is striving to be happier and more passionate about every aspect of their lives than any generation that has come before them.

It seems that Millennials place high value on their time with respect to quality of life—in other words, not wanting to spend time doing something they hate, in a place they don’t want to be, surrounded by people they don’t want to be around, regardless of the compensation. Granted, no one wants to be in this situation, but past generations have been much more tolerant of these predicaments than Millennials.

The moral of the story, and lesson to be learned for Google, is this: Put the same amount of effort into keeping your people happy as you do in your business process and products.


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