The Mindful Leader South Africa 2018

The Mindful Leader South Africa 2018

11-12 October 2018

A powerful two-day leadership program brining together the power of Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence to develop leaders who naturally engage their people for superior results.

The program includes:

  • A pre-program 180 degree EQ leadership assessment
  • A one-on-one pre-program coaching session with a senior executive coach.
  • An oustanding 2 day program experience
  • An 8-week follow up series on Genos University via email
  • A final webinar session to help cement the benefits of the program into your life.

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ProfileXT® Certification

ProfileXT® (PXT), Profiles Sales Assessment (PSA), AND Profiles Managerial FIT (PMF) Assessment  CERTIFICATION COURSE


GrowingPeopleGreat, in partnership with Profiles International Southern Africa, is proud to announce that they are now running Certification Courses for our users and representatives of our various assessment tools. These certification courses aim to provide our clients and representatives with in depth information into the various Profiles Assessments. The certification is highly recommended as it provides the user with a deeper understanding of the assessment tools so that, not only does the user gain proficiency in the system but that they are also able gain maximum benefit from using the assessments.

UNIT 1 – Introduction to the PXT

  • What is the PXT?
  • Theoretical Foundation
  • Person-environment Fit
  • Person-environment Typology
  • Correlates of Ability and Job Success
  • PXT Sections
  • Scoring the PXT
  • Norming

UNIT 2 – The PXT Scales

  • The PXT Thinking Style Scales
  • Skill and Ability vs Reasoning
  • The PXT Behavioural Traits Scales
  • The PSA Critical Sales Behaviours
  • The PXT Interest Scales
  • Scoring the Interests Section
  • Ipsative vs Normative Items
  • The Distortion Scale
  • Appropriate Use of the Distortion Scales


  • Reliability
    • Test-retest
    • Alternative forms
    • Split-halves
    • Internal consistency
  • Validity
    • Construct Validity
    • Content Validity
    • Criterion-related Validity
  • Validity versus Reliability


  • Performance Models
    • Building Performance Models
    • Steps for building a Performance Model
    • Data Needed to Build Performance Models
    • System tools for building Performance Models
    • Scale Width
  • The Job Match Percent
    • Understanding the Percentage Match to a Performance Model
    • Percent Match in the Interests Section
  • Effectiveness of Performance Models
  • Profiles Performance Model Library

UNIT 5 – PXT Reports

  • PXT Reports
  • Effective Use of the PXT Reports
  • PXT Report Components


Online TEST

Online Feedback Sessions to GPG certifier



Our Next Certification:


May 17-18, 2018  

Cost for certification: R5750 +VAT per person





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